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Airline Commander is an exciting airplane control app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices. Designed by professional airplane pilots with over 10 years experience, Airline Commander empowers users to control their own personal planes in real time from anywhere in the world. Users can take their plane control skills up a notch and become the pilot of their very own private airplane. The best thing about Airline Commander is that it’s designed to work seamlessly with the major mobile operating systems.

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Airline Commander gives you the ability to fly any type of aircraft from a single location. So what types of aircraft are available in the marketplace? There are dozens of models including general aviation, business jet and ultralight. You can even use your Android phone to fly remote control model airplanes! You can take control of your airplane through a touch screen interface, from anywhere in the world.

The airplane is controlled using a unique multi-touch interface which makes it extremely intuitive. Any potential user can feel a sense of real accomplishment once they master the airplane controls and how they interact with the airplane system. Each user gets their own digital cockpit with full color touch screen interface. There are multiple display options including real time maps, weather reports, altimeter, pressure altitude, speed and distance indicator.

Another amazing feature of Airline Commander is its user friendly interface and extensive range of features. Users can enter data into online forms, which are automatically loaded on their GPS enabled smartphone. From there, all they have to do is take their smartphone into the Airline Commander application and they can begin to control their personal airplane. This experience is designed for anyone who wants to take their flying experience to another level. It doesn’t matter whether you are just getting started or have been doing airplane control for a while, this application will provide you with an experience that you will never forget.

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All functions of the airplane can be accessed using either your touch screen or a keyboard if you prefer. The airplane fly wheel controls let you manually control the throttle, airspeed, brakes, flaps, and the roll. Each of these commands can be assigned to different altitudes and flying stages allowing users to finely control the airplane during flight. You also have the ability to manually set up your desired landing site and select airports from a map.

The interface of Airline Commander has an extensive range of functions making it easy for any user to navigate through menus and select airplane controls. Users can even save their favorite airports to quickly access them when they need them. This airplane system comes with a user friendly map viewer and allows users to select various airports around the world. This feature allows you to view various airports and view the features of each airport including arrival and departure information.

If you are looking for an easy to use airplane flying experience then take a look at Airline Commander. It is a great solution for all of your flying needs. It is fast and provides a great flying experience. Its easy to use interface, large display screen and multiple airports allow you to fly anywhere in the world. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced pilot this product will give you the ability to smoothly control your airplane. It comes with a detailed guide that teaches you all the skills required for successful flying. You can choose to buy the course on CD or download it directly from the Airline Commander website. If you want to increase your flying skills then this product is the one for you.