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Merge Dragons is a game that is pretty simple. In it you have to choose the dragons that you think will best serve you in the game. You can choose from an assortment of different types of dragons that will do different things, so you should have no problem coming up with a few choices. The first challenge comes when you run into the second book and are searching for the chest. This requires you to go through a number of pages and find the chest in the right location. When you finally find it, you will be given a secondary objective. It is to open up the chest and remove all of the items inside before you can claim your prize. Of course this involves getting close enough to the chest that you can pick up the items, but you need to ensure that they are not going to fall out of the loot.

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The third challenge comes when you enter the cave with the dragons. Again, you are going to have to do a number of chest/coin pickups so that you can gain access to the chest. It’s now time to try to use the items on the ground in order to break bricks. Since there are a lot of bricks in the game, this can prove to be quite a difficult challenge. When trying to break one, you will need to get close enough that you can pick them up, otherwise they will stay where they are.

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The fourth challenge is when you enter the chamber with the first set of dragons. This is also a very difficult challenge because you must kill five dragons before you can move on. This is due to how when you pick up coins and chests, two of them will disappear. Since you are required to kill at least five of them, you will know that this must be a tough place to try and clear. Fortunately, there is an easier way to clear this area without many problems. The game has a special symbol that appears while you are picking up coins and chests.

The fifth challenge comes when you merge with the dragon eggs. This requires that you kill two dragons and then pick up the egg. It’s possible to stay on the top of the hill without having to kill anything, but if you do it wrong you will find yourself being attacked by one of the adult dragons. Once you do enough damage to the egg with your ranged attacks, you will be able to merge into the next egg without triggering the alarm.

Finally, the seventh challenge deals with the final set of dragons that enter the camp during the merge. You will need to use your best magical spells and attacks to clear this area, but it’s not impossible. You will want to stay on the bottom of the hill as you fight through the dragons to finally reach the camp. Once you are there, you can use the new magic shops, and purchase upgrades for your character.