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Township game is an online strategy game on the internet, developed by Playrix. Township is a free-to-upgrade, free-to-play city-building game on several platforms and has been developed by Playrix.A player’s town grows by using trees, making watermills, researching plumbers, making farmers, hiring doctors and other services.The main challenge of playing a township game on the internet is to improve your town by improving your population and developing Farms and Villages. You can also purchase and build roads, parks, bridges and settlements to make your cities better. You can obtain Horses, Boat, Bushes and other resources from Horses and other animals. You can increase your income by learning different jobs such as plumbers, doctors, teachers and accountants.

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In the game, you have to create your own character and select a farm to start your town. Your goal in this game is to survive against waves of zombies that come to attack you. You have to build up your town to fight off zombies with help from Animals and Plants. After surviving the attack of Zombies, you will have to continue to survive waves of enemy creatures. In this game, after winning an attack of zombies, you will have to defend the town against waves of more zombies that keep coming back. If your crops are successfully grown, then you will be able to sell them for more money and thus making more money.

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The Android version of this township game has better graphics than the iPhone version. The maps are bigger and there are more detailed artwork as well as audio sounds. If you like Plants Vs. Zombies on Facebook, then you will definitely enjoy playing the Facebook version on your android phone. You can plant trees and fertilize plants to make them grow faster and gain more fruits.

The happy street art and the sounds used in the iPhone version are not available in the Android version. However, even with these limitations, the iPhone version still provides a great gaming experience by providing a fun interface and excellent graphics. Apart from these, the players can play the entire game with their friends in co-op mode. There are various challenges that the players can encounter while playing the online township game – from mastering the different levels to protecting the townsfolk from the zombies.