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Webtoons are basically a form of short online comic which originally originated in South Korea. While webtoons have been known to be read widely outside of the United States for their original release, there’s been an incredible surge in worldwide popularity over the past year or so, largely thanks to a lot of manhwa being openly read on smartphones. The Webtoon phenomenon is nothing new, but what is new is the way people are reading webtoons on their smartphones.In case you’re not familiar with webtoons, they are basically Korean-accented comic books that are published in bookshops. Webtoon creators take a webcomic and turn it into a comic book – the traditional kind of comic. Most Korean-accented webcomics are created as a joke (usually), but some are created as a response to current events in Korean culture, or as a response to everyday life in the Korean city.

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Webtoon creators earn money from their webcomics by allowing people to download them onto their mobile phones. They then take their Webtoon to a friend’s phone, or even to a public Internet cafe. The new channel of Webtoon downloads is called “kpopul”, which roughly translates into “reader click”. Publishers then allow their readers to click on these webtoons via a Web browser or their cell phones, and choose to purchase the webtoon. When a reader purchases a webtoon, the Web publisher pays the Webtoon creators a commission. This commission is typically a percentage of the total sales of the book.

Now, Webtoon books are catching on all over the world. In Korea alone, there are more than twenty publishers of Korean webtoon. This is likely due to the simplicity of creating Webtoon comics, and the fact that they appeal to a younger audience than most other comics. Webtoons combine Korean art with English language, so it is easy for Korean-accented readers to understand. The comics are becoming more popular in North America, as well, due to the simple fact that Korean-accented readers are easy to find.

Apple has recently acquired a webtoon publishing company called Wemade Games, Inc., which will allow Korean-accented cartoon fans to enjoy their favorite webtoon on their iPhones and iPads. This is part of a wider trend of accepting apps on devices that don’t necessarily have to be iPhones to enjoy tech-savvy advancements. As an example, Apple has recently introduced a webtoon game called Hangouts, which allows its users to speak with real friends virtually. Soon, the App Store will feature hundreds of Korean-accented webtoon, including those created by Korean artists.

Webtoons have long been considered as “sexy comics.” In the past, American cartoon fans have bought comics based on Japanese comic books and vice versa. As a result, many Korean-accented Korean-art comic books such as A Der da Gwent, San Jaigo, and Seo Ju Joo have been popular not only in Korea but in other parts of Asia, such as China and Japan. With the help of Wemade Games, aspiring Korean artists can create their own webtoon comics and sell them through the internet. If successful, these webtoon stories could even spark a new craze among Korean youth and help them understand the importance of Korean culture in the international scene.

Because of the Korean webtoon craze, Marvel has created a webtoon version of their comic book titles. These comic book series is published exclusively online, and users can download them directly from the Marvel website. In the past, Marvel has published a select few webtoon versions of its Korean-accented superheroes and limited them to comic stores specializing in that kind of merchandise. Now, anyone can choose from any number of their comic book series, and download them for free. This has been advantageous to foreign readers who would not be able to buy original comics in their home country, and to aspiring Korean artists who want to showcase their works on the world wide web.

As Korean-accented webtoon gain in popularity in other parts of Asia, especially with younger audiences who are becoming more computer savvy, Korean-accented webtoon may find their way to other countries outside Asia. While this is unlikely, Korean-accented webtoon will continue to gain fans in North America, Europe, and Australia, because of their unique features. Webtoons that contain cartoon scenes with Korean language are especially popular, and are often difficult for non-Koreans to understand. With so many Korean-accented webtoon available now, it is easy to see why these comics have become so popular worldwide.

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